About Blanket Buddies

Welcome to Blanket Buddies! We hope you enjoy your stay and will learn about us along the way.

A cow, a car, and a crash... these were the unlikely beginnings of Blanket Buddies. In 1997, I was traveling down a country highway through the Missouri Ozarks when a cow suddenly appeared on the road in front of me. Swerving to miss the cow, I crashed into an embankment and suffered critical injuries. After surgery, and recovery, I received a miraculous calling from God.

Before the crash, I had been touched by the plight of orphans in Russia after viewing a 20/20 special on ABC. I felt God was calling me to aid the orphans, but wasn't sure where to start. After the crash, I was listening to my local Christian radio station when something captured my attention. Josh McDowell was speaking about his ministry to orphans in the former Soviet Union. He said he felt in that very moment the need to pray for a listener who was searching for God's will for helping orphans. Not only that, he said the listener was searching for a place to give X amount of dollars. The dollar amount Josh mentioned was the exact amount I had been praying about. So, I gave the money to his ministry.

As time went on, and I gave birth to 3 beautiful children, I slowly stopped giving. And once again, I felt God speaking to me, asking me what I was doing to help the orphans. I had no answer.

I began to think about what I could do and what the orphans in Russia could use. I thought "well, it's cold in Russia... they could use blankets." So, with my mom's help, we started making blankets to send.

Our first goal was to make at least one blanket for each child at the orphanage, which held approximately 100 children between birth and 4 years old. With the help of our church family, we were able to make 100 blankets and raise $10,000 to further aid the orphanage. This is how it all began... by the direction of God and His loving hand.